Bored Ape 9022 Joins the inheritance Art Family
Presenting the 9022 NFT and 9022 Lounge

We at inheritance Art believe in everything that is art. The expression of one’s vision allows others to fully immerse themselves within creative enjoyment. The very concept of 9022 delivers this vision through NFT curated experiences.

Who or What is 9022?

Enter 9022, a laid back adventurous ape with an incredible network and inexplicable amount of free time due to his crypto windfalls. Commiserated by his first adventure to space, 9022 will bring us along both in his world and within our own.

9022 Lounge Animation Show

9022, along with his closest pals, will be starring in his very own adventure show. We’re not really sure who he’ll run into or where in the world he will go, but we do know he is willing to take the community along for the ride.

9022 Lounge and Pop-up Events

9022 along with inheritance Art founder Vincent Peters, are currently working to bring 9022’s lounge to real life. 9022 Lounge as an experience, will be developed in collaboration with inheritance Art and partners. These partners may include, but not be limited to:

  • Casinos
  • Music Festivals
  • Pubs
  • Arenas

With a goal to replicate the feel of his very own cartoon-verse, 9022 events will be properly designed to meet the expectations of the limited audience. We also hear there is a possibility for a meta-verse ‘like’ concept within 9022 Lounges. We have a few ideas that will bring this concept to life.

9022 Derivative NFT

9022 is quite the entrepreneur, this explains why he has so much free time on his hands. To get into one of his lounge establishments or curated events, the experience-goer must hold one of his special NFTs. Think, limited access — so limited, that there will only be 2209, 9022 NFTs.

9022 knows that people from all over the world will want to enjoy his events, so he is putting together an NFT-rental concept that will benefit those permanent experience-goers, while allowing new adventurers to experience all that is 9022.

Holders of the inheritance Art NFT will receive an email from within the next 48 hours and you can be sure 9022 has taken into consideration the iAI-token utility. Right now, he recommends the inheritance Art community stay cool and check out this clip he and Vincent put together:

For more project information:



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