Getting Started with Crypto and The inheritance Art Token

Getting started with crypto, blockchain and iAI can be a daunting task.

For those of you who are new to crypto, but still want to be among the first to buy inheritance Art’s iAI tokens, we’ve written this step-by-step guide. Follow these steps, so that you may also have opportunities to obtain beautiful art.

If you’ve already bought an NFT in the private or public sale and staked it to receive your iAI tokens, and you would simply like to learn how to trade iAI tokens on a DEX, you can go straight to step 6.

1. Getting started with a Centralized Exchange (CEX)

Centralized Exchanges are the gateways between regular money and cryptocurrencies that most people use. As such, in this guide, we will be explaining how to use them to gain access to inheritance Art’s iAI tokens.

Inheritance Art’s NFT platform and iAI tokens are deployed on a blockchain network called “Binance Smart Chain”. In order to use and gain access to the BSC network we are using, you will first need to buy a bit of BNB (Binance Coin). BNB is used as “gas” — without a bit of BNB in your wallet, you can’t do much.

We would also suggest you to buy BUSD (Binance USD), a “stablecoin”. These are easy to use, as they are pegged to the current US dollar value. That way, you’ll always know the dollar value of what you are getting or spending, without having to use a calculator.

Some frequently used centralized exchanges which sell BNB and BUSD are, and (or for Americans).

Signing up with a Centralized Exchange

In order to sign up with any centralized exchange, you’ll typically need to provide or perform the following:

- Your location, email address, and phone number
- Your full name and date of birth
- Verifying your email address and phone number
- If you’re using a PC, install the exchange’s smartphone app to scan a QR code
- Sending a copy of your ID documents
- Taking a selfie to prove it’s really you

After you’ve provided this info — you just need to wait. Usually, this verification takes less than a day! When your chosen exchange has verified all of your info, you will be able to deposit your funds.

2. Depositing funds to the Centralized Exchange

After completing the above steps, you will be ready to deposit some funds and buy your first cryptocurrency tokens. On most centralized exchanges, the process goes as follows:

- Log in
- Open up your personal menu and go to your Wallet
- Select Deposit — Fiat Deposit
- Choose your preferred currency and payment method
- Follow every step on your payment screen, complete the transfer of funds, and wait for the funds to be credited to your wallet

Bank Transfers are usually the cheapest option for sending funds to your exchange account, though this may take a few days. Some exchanges also offer the option to purchase instantly, using your credit card for example. With services like these, you’ll pay a premium for fast service.

When all these steps are done, you should receive a confirmation email. You are now ready to buy your first crypto, such as BNB and BUSD!

3. Buying crypto on the Centralized Exchange

It’s time for your first trade!

Open up your centralized exchange, perform the steps required to log in, and find the Trade screen.

Buying some Binance Coin (BNB)

Next, we will be buying a little bit of Binance Coin (BNB). 0.1 BNB should be enough for a while if you just plan on making some iAI transactions, perhaps buying some NFTs, and then holding them.

If you plan on doing many transactions, for example by day trading, you could buy more BNB. Of course, you can always choose to top up your balance later.

Remember: BNB is used as “gas”. In this guide, we are only buying a little bit of BNB and using a secondary token called a “stablecoin” to actually trade for iAI tokens.

Search for “BNB” in your exchange’s Trade page. Using a Market Order, you will be able to get your BNB instantly. Using a Limit Order, you could set a lower price and save money, but it might take time for your order to be filled, as the price would have to go down. If the price goes up, your limit order will remain open.

Buying stablecoins to trade for iAI

Once you’ve got a bit of BNB, it’s time to buy some BUSD. In this guide, we are using BUSD to buy iAI tokens, but you can buy iAI with many different cryptocurrencies, including BNB. Just make sure your decentralized wallet never runs out of BNB completely. You will need some of it for gas fees.

Search for BUSD in the trade screen, repeat the same process explained above to buy your desired amount of BUSD. When you’ve obtained your BUSD, it’s time for the next step.

4. Setting up your personal Blockchain Wallet

After you’ve obtained some BNB and BUSD, it’s time to set up your personal, decentralized blockchain wallet.

You will need this wallet to buy inheritance AI (iAI) tokens, and to gain access to inheritance Art’s NFT platform.

The cryptocurrencies you send to this wallet will be stored on the blockchain, and your wallet app will give you access to your cryptocurrencies.

As opposed to centralized exchanges, you will personally be in control of your assets. This gives you more power over your assets, but of course — you will need to act responsibly.

Make sure you are using a device that’s safe to use and free of viruses! Do not install your wallet on a shared device or account. You should be the only person who has access to it.

For those of you who want ease of use on a mobile device, we recommend Trust Wallet. If you want more advanced features, Metamask Mobile is a good choice. For desktop users, we recommend the Metamask browser extension for desktops.

Choosing your wallet app

First, download the wallet app of your choice!

Trust Wallet

Metamask Mobile

Metamask Desktop

After downloading, install the app on your device and set up a new wallet.

Keeping your wallet secure

Follow the instructions for saving your mnemonic/secret phrase and storing this data somewhere safe and private. This is very important, because if you lose access to your device, you will need these secret words to restore access to your wallet. If your device breaks down for example, and you can’t find your secret phrase anywhere, you might lose access to your cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, if you’ve written it down and stored it somewhere safe, you can always import your wallet again on a new or rebooted device, so you can access your funds again.

Your cryptocurrencies are not actually stored in your wallet app, but stored on the blockchain. Your secret phrase is your back-up access code to your wallet on the blockchain, which you can use to retrieve your assets.

For an extra layer of security, you could consider purchasing a hardware wallet, such as a Trezor or a Ledger.

Adding custom networks

If you’ve installed Metamask Mobile or Desktop, you’ll first need to add Binance Smart Chain as a custom network. Trust Wallet users can skip this step. Follow these steps:

- Open Metamask
- Select your user icon in the top right corner
- Select “Settings” — select “Networks”
- Select “Add Network at the bottom

In the screen that pops up, enter the following details:

- Network Name: BSC Mainnet
- New RPC URL:
- Chain ID: 56
- Currency Symbol: BNB
- Block Explorer URL:

Adding custom tokens

Next, we’ll get your Trust Wallet or Metamask wallet ready for BUSD. This is needed for both Trust Wallet and Metamask!

- Open up your wallet
- In Trust Wallet, use the search function at the top of your screen, then select “Add Custom Token”
- In Metamask, Scroll to the bottom and select “import tokens”
- Enter the BUSD contract address: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56
- The other fields should automatically be filled
- In Trust Wallet, select Save
- In Metamask, select “Add Custom Token” and “Import Tokens”

Finally, repeat the steps shown above to add the iAI contract to your wallet using the iAI contract address: 0xE495B7155Fbd040065491092b02893C8E17629Ed

When this is done, you’ll be ready to send your cryptocurrencies from your exchange to your new, decentralized wallet!

5. Withdrawing crypto to your wallet

Now it’s time to send your BNB and BUSD over to your wallet!

- Log in to your centralized exchange account
- Go to your Wallet and find the Withdrawal section
- Select Withdraw Crypto
- Select BNB
- Enter your wallet address

To find your wallet address, you must first open up Trust Wallet or Metamask. You’ll usually find your address at the top of the screen. Click it (or the double square-icon next to it), and your account address will be copied to the clipboard.

- Paste the wallet address to the exchange withdrawal screen and do a double check to make sure this is the exact same as your receive address, as shown in your wallet
- Select the amount of BNB you wish to withdraw and choose the Binance Smart Chain network (BEP-20)
- We recommend only withdrawing a small amount first, to see if you’re doing everything correctly

Perform the steps required by your centralized exchange to withdraw your crypto. Usually this is done both by a verification code sent to your email, and via an Authenticator code. When this is done, your crypto will usually be sent to your wallet within 15 minutes.

Check if the withdrawal is successful. When your coins show up in your wallet, you have successfully made your first crypto transfer!

Now repeat the steps above to choose and withdraw BUSD, and/or any other tokens. If everything went well — and after some time — all the crypto you’ve withdrawn should be in your wallet! When all your tokens are there, you are ready to buy iAI.

6. Buying iAI on the Moonlift Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Now we’re finally ready to buy iAI tokens, in this case using BUSD.

Open up in your browser. Moonlift is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which means that you can instantly trade tokens and add your own liquidity here. In this guide however, we will only discuss how to acquire iAI tokens.

- In the top right corner of the Moonlift DEX, select Connect Wallet
- Choose your wallet, log in, and tap Connect
- Approve the connection to the DEX in your wallet app
- In the Moonlift DEX, choose BUSD as your “from” currency
- In the “to” currency field, enter iAI in the search field and select it
- Enter the amount of BUSD that you wish to spend on iAI, or the amount of iAI tokens that you wish to buy

Press SWAP, wait for the confirmation in your wallet… and then, the iAI is yours!

Congratulations, you’re now an iAI holder!

Open up your wallet to see your brand new iAI tokens! These are now yours and you can always access them in your decentralized wallet. Your iAI tokens will give you tier-based access to our upcoming inheritance Art NFT and Metaverse platform.

Our platform will allow for the “staking” of iAI tokens in order to give you access.

That’s it!

We hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about any step in this process, or if you need any further assistance, feel free to join our Telegram messenger group here:

You can ask our admins there for help.



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