inheritance Art: This is Not a Buyback

Over the course of the next 11 months, inheritance Art will strategically acquire iAI tokens. This -a total of 12 months- with no specific parameters, is not a buyback — but the strategic accumulation of a utility token with an expansive potential.

In understanding the very limited total supply of iAI tokens, inheritance Art foresees a need to maintain a higher-than projected utility pool, from which to draw from when and if necessary. Our initial promise of delivering an NFT-platform is ahead of schedule, allowing us to consider other utility purposes for the iAI token. Throughout multiple conversations, we have established several use-cases for the token — some of a which at a very high level and others on the ground floor.

Business-to-business discussions are occurring, and we are aggressively working to find the most advantageous methods of providing further utility to the iAI token. Approximately 12 days ago, inheritance Art began actively accumulating the iAI token directly from the market. inheritance Art will continue to accumulate iAI token for the next 11 months to ensure a supply of utility tokens for incoming partners, and to continually grow project liquidity in a controlled and measured fashion.
The initial strategic accumulation of iAI tokens is planned to be at greater than $100,000, over the 12-month period.

inheritance Art has also decided that 10% of all partnership profit generated will go to accumulating further strategic reserve of the iAI token. This dedication has been established to build a robust ecosystem of partners that intend to leverage the iAI token within their emerging models.

For more information on all things inheritance Art, please check out our Official channels. We look forward to providing more updates soon.




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